Spy-C Live Cam - App not available anymore - what do?

Sooo…I have received this device, it’s a remote controlled camera. It was originally accessed via an app. This app is not available anymore. The fella creates its own wifi, and that works. Any suggestions? Or takers?

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How fun!
First and foremost you might be able to find said app, there’s a few sites I know of that archive Android .apk files that may have a copy of an old version.

Then things get a lot more hacky but arguably a lot more fun. If it has it’s own wifi, you could connect to it and scan what ports are open (a good tool for example Zenmap - Official cross-platform Nmap Security Scanner GUI).
The common idea is the designers of things like this don’t want to reinvent the wheel where possible, so often reuse existing technologies. My guess is there will be some video streaming service, e.g. RTSP that runs on port 554, that tons of stuff can connect to, or something similar.

I am by no means any level of coder, not even an amateur one. But one of my previous space projects was trying to unpack an Android app for a bluetooth device for my multimeter to see if I could receive the data myself.
I didn’t get tremendously far but you can get a lot of insightful stuff from looking at the code of the app, if you can get a copy of it :slight_smile:

Hi Trixie,

I meant to get back to you sooner about this, but couldn’t find anything that useful out about the tank after a quick search.

In addition to Chris’ suggestions an additional search found a couple of things that might be of interest / use to you:

SpyCPylot - there’s a Python project on Github that says it can control a Spy-C Tank. I haven’t looked at it, but it may work and be the easiest way to get the tank trundling

Projet D.R.O.N.E - more about using Python to control a Spy-C Tank. A Projet D.R.O.N.E pdf (in french) about setting up SpyCPylot

I’m not fluent in Python, and even less so in French but it looks like some promising information.

Thank you, i had a look. Both ultimately lead to the same source. Which then was a dead link.

Thank you for the suggestions. I am not hacky enough and sadly also lacked the nerve to persevere. I have said goodbye to the little fella to makespace for new clutter :smile:

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Late to the party I know… but the Android app may still be available here:


although you may have to install the apk file manually.

(sorry about the strangely formatted link, but the forum doesn’t allow links for me?)

Hope it helps… Ian

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