Spaceport - Makerspace access system

This is our access control system to get in and out of the makerspace.

The main project repository is here

Slides from 2018 AGM presentation on the history of SHM space access

documentation here


What is the external address of the MQTT broker inside the space? :slight_smile: so that we may connect our many widgets to it.

I picked up my card friday last week and found that it didn’t register on the NFC plate by the door.

Out of curiosity I tested everyone else’s that was in the ferreror roche box (they all worked) so apologies if this signed loads of people in on the database.

Could I please request a reprogram of my card.

Sorry I missed the presentation.

Hey All,

Sorry been a busy week of very early mornings, recovered now :slight_smile:

@hurleyburley23 That was my bad, seems your card was the last I registered on the AGM night at about 11pm and I forgot to assign it to your user, that’s why it wouldn’t work. I have fixed it now and put it back with the other cards waiting for collection.

@Jagmills the MQTT broker is on the follow IP address in our network

awesome, cheers Ginge!