Space Signage

a Business without a sign, is a sign of no business!

So one common thing I keep hearing is people getting lost on their first visit to the space, and it’s long been discussed that we need some signs.

I found a fairly cheap-ish supplier of plastic signs here which have fairly reasonable rates of £8 ish for a large sign. Of course, we could do some laser cutting - we are a space after all.

I’ll be whipping up some designs soon! I have an idea in my head of a wooden engraved sign, with the ‘SHM’ in purple acrylic - maybe coating the whole thing to make it extra durable. I was also thinking of making a fitting area at the base for attaching an arrow, adjustable of course for pointing the correct direction :slight_smile:

I got one?

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We could get four 300x200mm or two 600x300mm signs out of a sheet of this.= for £20 + shipping.

I have yet seen one that has a purple base and white top layer :slight_smile:

Nice spot of kemming there @Cylindric :wink:

I gave this some thought the a while back (but haven’t made it along to the space since or made time to post about it). One consideration is that anything we do probably needs to be approved by the Boileroom.

My idea was to go with a discrete but noticeable sign by the gate and then to use something like these (in purple):

They’d be reasonably discrete, but provide a breadcrumb like trail to the space for anyone who’s trying to find us.

Hi, I’ve got a vinyl cutter if any interest to make signage? I haven’t used it in a while back about 20 different colours as well, unfortunately it’s a bigger one 1.32m so not that easy to bring along to the space.

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We will have to check, my guess is the Boileroom will be amenable to some reasonable signage. :slight_smile:

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I like the idea of stickers. Although a thought crossed my mind after seeing the garden in the rain on Tuesday, could we get away with purple paint and a SHM stamp? :slight_smile:

Only if the paint doesn’t run :wink: