Space Search 2015

I had a brief chat with an agent for the properties on the Canna Business Park in Ash Vale, the outcome was as follows.

One unit currently available, 1800sqft @ 550pcm.

Concerns over the potential of asbestos in the property were addressed as follows:

  1. It’s not unusual for properties to have some asbestos.

  2. The leaseholder would be unlikely to have responsibility for the cost of it’s removal if that were required, subject to specific contractual terms.

Cool. I’ve copied the old property spreadsheet Alan shared with us, so we can combine all the data in one place for easier comparison. Feel free to tinker with it.

SHHS Property Search

The addressing of our concerns is reassuring, just need to stay hot on this to ensure zero/limited liability.
1800 sqft is a decent size. I’m available for viewings with a little notice.

As we’re going to struggle to get members without a space, and therefore have little by way of predictable income, I’d be resistant to signing any sort of lease without having enough funds in the pot to see us through to the next contract break-point. Essentially I’d say we have to have enough assets in the bank to cover all committed liabilities.

We haven’t really pursued any extra income possibilities yet, such as asking for seed donations, or council grants or any of that sort of thing, but I suspect lot of that stuff might not materialise until we can show that we can at least get started by ourselves.

Obviously if anyone wants to chip in at any time, just contact one of the directors and we’ll be more than happy to take your money off your hands. Anyone that wants to start paying in regular membership donations now is more than welcome to, just be aware that you won’t get anything extra other than the warm fuzzy feeling that you’re helping kickstart the Hackspace!

To clarify again, in case it’s been missed, we do now have a bank account, and I am keeping our accounts in order, so all donations are being safely deposited and looked after. There’ll be an update post at some point soonish with status (about £4k) and progress (not much new income), we’re just trying to get some more current numbers collected so we have something worthwhile to update.

Director, SHHS :wink: