Sortimo T-Boxx review & project log



I thought I’d post a quick & short review of the Sortimo T-Boxxes thus allowing anyone using a search engine to find this thread and share in our enthusiasm for all things Sortimo and provide an opportunity for Q&A.

The Sortimo UK online shop has had a few discount events lately but even at full price, these are a bargain. They’re huge and extremely well engineered pieces of plastic. I decided to get the pre-populated boxes with the red inserts (the smallest size) and bought a quantity of all the other size inserts for maximum flexibility.
The inserts are removable so you could consult the box, get the relevant item you’re after and carry the insert back to your workbench. The inserts have a positive engagement with the lid so hopefully this is an end to cross-pollination between compartments.

Some examples of populated boxes:

(Source: @Cylindric)

(Source: @Macaba)

I’m in the process of designing a modular rack to store my boxes.

There is a sliding rail profile already molded into the side of the boxes so it’s a case of engaging with it.

Soft-closing drawer slides are used to allow access of the box without needing to remove it and place it on a table but still give the ability to lift the box slightly and slide it out of the rack to take away to somewhere else.

At the moment, I intend to use 6mm laser-compatible MDF to make something that looks a little like:

Still a work in progress; watch this space.

(Chris) #2

Excellent write up!

I have just ordered myself some of the black variants, known as the ‘HD’ range. Currently there is 20% off these on the Sortimo shop, which makes for a rather decent discount!

I am a huge fan of the other model of boxxes known as the L-boxx, which are more tool storage orientated that the T-boxx component-orientated.

They stack together and have various accessories, for example foam inserts:


I’ve put together a proof of concept for the Sortimo racking:

Sliding action (with subtitles if enabled):

Removal action (with subtitles if enabled):

This has confirmed I’ve got all my measurements correct, I’m actually going to iterate straight to a v2 that should require far less laser cutting & assembly time.

(Mark Hanford) #4

I assume the plans are all available somewhere? :slight_smile: SolidWorks? Now, if they were in Fusion360, you could just share them…


Having gone through another design revision to get something like this:

It has ended up looking really great:

(anthony joseph lapp) #6

I’m wanting to create this same thing. I have invested heavily in the T-Boxxs…can you supply your slide interface component design and where you sourced the drawer slides?

Awesome project!