Smartified Tux

Not that I need any more projects at the moment…

I have a stuffed Tux toy that sits on my desk that a friend made for me many years ago. It’s actually somewhat of a treasured possession of mine, and I would like to treat him to a couple of upgrades as delicately as possible. So far it’s just really the two:

  • Bean bag ‘base’ to help him sit upright
  • Actually runs Linux.

I feel like the latter might be quite mad, but I fancy the idea of having some sort of reactive LED lights for various notifications and perhaps some conductive thread on his feet for a simple interface, like @Claire_Lonsdale’s octopus. An internal battery backup and Pi Zero W inside would mean he could be a portable device.

Does anyone have any crazy suggestions for additional features?

Here he is by the way:


How about a pair of Then he could wink his approval when you
run apt-get upgrade!

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Also make him into a USB hub? (Seen that done to a teddybear - each paw allowed a device to plug in)

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Ooh fantastic suggestions :slight_smile: those example eyes do look a little terrifying though! It would make Tux very expressive though and I really like the idea. I wonder what it would look like with Tux-style eyes, as I’d like to try to keep it as true to form as possible.

A USB hub is a great idea, who knows what kind of peripherals he would need in the future!

Induction charging bottom? =)

somewhere, somehow… Lasers !!

Induction charged lasers! :slight_smile:

I found a very nice supplier of cheap and cheerful haptic feedback motors, and an even niftier Adafruit “haptic driver” board. I think a few motors here and there would be pretty fun as well!