SHM Open Day - Sat Oct 14th 10am-3pm

We’d like to invite people to come and see the space, met the members and see all the wow things what we do with Robotics, Laser Cutting, 3D printing, Raspberry Pis, LEDs, textiles, leather and pallet wood on Saturday 14th of October!

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Same day the Repair Cafe is on? Sounds fun :smiley:

Yes well spotted, come and look at the space whilst you get something fixed !
Hopefully we can merge the marketing.

@chertseyRC this would be a good one to come along to, if you wanted to have a chat with various Makerspace folks and look around the space too.

This is very soon! I think it would be a good idea to give the space a bit of a Spring Clean in case anyone wants a guided tour (because that could get us new members) - if you can tidy up your old snacks/drink cups, put projects away, etc. to make a bit of space before the weekend, it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

If anyone has some “exhibits” that wold be cool to show on the open that they can bring along that would be great, maybe @Jagmills’s fantastic radio, @Heather’s display plinth and so on.

Some signage to direct people to the space would be pretty handy to have as well !

I can bring the octopus if we can get to mains power from where we’re set up.
I can also bring a basket of handmade garments, etc.

Other thought - Boileroom has a projector downstairs, could we run @AndrewPatience’s slideshow of stuff we’ve done?

I am happy to provide slideshows, my projector if also requested and other display items. Will be around Friday evening and Saturday.

I made a start on the “Autumn Clean” yesterday, in preparation for Saturday. It would be nice if we have a variety of member projects to display at the weekend to show the diversity of the things we get up to :slight_smile:

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Great, as the Repair Cafe is in the main venue this time we could either setup either there or in the MakerSpace.

In the venue seems to gives us more visibility, though we may have to escort people up to the space to show them around as well as someone in the space to greet people . We need to bear in mind that the Repair Cafe ends around 12:00pm and I’m not sure if the venue will stay open passed then.

Setting up int he space means less hassle if we have to move when the venue shuts.

It might be an idea to have someone handing out leaflets in the High Street to generate interest.

We have arrived and need to know where we’re are setting up - where is everyone?
[edit] found people! Stuff got repaired, a few potential new members shown around.

Pics up!
pictures on Flickr