SHM "Marketing Materials"

So I have agreed to head up getting some materials together for us to better market ourselves, this involves something along the lines of:

  • A5 Flyers
  • Posters
  • Business cards
  • Stickers
  • Signage around the boiler room

The consensus has been that A5 flyers are the most needed with a bit of info about us, what we do and where we are. These can then been handed out at events, give to shops etc. So this will be my focus to begin with. (Setting a target of having them available for Innovate Guildford)

@AndrewPatience seemed keen on the stickers, fancy heading up a sticker design and finding some costing.

Here is our repo containing all branding so far, which is a great starting point :slight_smile:

@stochastic_forest Hias some good blurb from previous flyers he has made, I will be asking for that as reference material too :slight_smile:

Anyone who wants to lend a hand, please dig in and coordinate with me.

*** FUNDING ***

As everyone knows the hackspace has limited funds and we could do with reserving our cash to pay for really important things like rent, rent and rent.

I intend to start a “PR Kitty” to pay for things such as getting flyers printed etc. I’m going to get the ball rolling by putting £20 in, if anyone else would like to make a contribution (not matter how small) please contact me or one of the directors. (My Kitty suggestion is not yet Director or wider makerspace sactioned, I just thought of it this morning)

More posts on this thread to come…

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Task 1 - replace the repo logo with our actual logo… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve renamed this repo “Branding”, as 1) it didn’t actually have the logo in it and b) had lots of stuff that wasn’t the logo in it. I have now also added the logo in it :slight_smile: It was in our GoogleDrive.

I can recommend Instant Print ( if you’re looking for suppliers - currently £20 for 500 A5 flyers and £10 for 500 stickers, both on sale atm. Other place to consider Appleseed at Surrey Uni although their quality will be much lower. Happy to help with design if you need an extra hand.

@Cylindric has been busy it’s more or less all done in the git repository:

in terms of the A5 flyer, I think we just need to fill out this A5 template (thanks again @Cylindric ) with meaningful information and we’re good to go:

I have the text from @stochastic_forest’s original flyer, verbatim copy below:

Surrey and Hampshire Makerspace

We are proud to announce the first not for profit, self funded, open access makerspace in guildford.

What is a makerspace?
It is a well equipped community workshop, a place to share, tinker and create for technologists, artists, craftspeople, inventors, basically anyone who wants to learn new skills and share their knowledge with others.

What do we offer?

3D Printer
Laser Cutter
Electronics workstation

Where are we?

We are proud to be associated with the boleroom and will be moving into their premises in central Guildford at 13 Stoke Fields, Guildford GU1 4LS.

A bit of refinment and mashing the 2 together and we’re there :slight_smile:

Thanks @sarahlouise that sounds like about the kind of quantity I was envisaging us ordering, please feel free to dig into anything; sticker design, refined handout wording, poster tweaking, etc. I think if we can keep to the styling @Cylindric has made so far please as he’s doing a great job at building a brand.

Also the more I think about it the more i think we should be investing in stickers, not business cards, they will can convey as much info as a business card (pretty much our name and an url), they are much more likely to get somewhere where other people might notice it, rather than the back of a draw and eventually the bin (That’s what happens to business cards I get!) and sticks are much cooler. What are people’s thoughts ?

Happy to tinker with the wording - but first it would be ideal to get a bit of background about people’s motivations in their own words. Essentially, to target the right kind of people I want to speak to them in the right way.

I might create a separate thread for this.

This week is busy but could dive in after next weekend with the design!

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Thanks Sarah!

There’s a bit of discussion as to what we think we are here:

You may find it useful. I really like the tag line @Winkleink created years ago of which we used all the time we were called a hackspace

A place to tinker, develop, hack, create makes and collaborate

Another thing to consider is what other information is important; I would suggest the Friday open sessions is key.

Hey guys, I think I was a bit ambitious to promise to look at the flyers (I am still manically busy with no end in sight), so am going to bow out so somebody else can do them justice! If anybody wants to volunteer, now’s your chance!

@sarahlouise No problem, we all get busy at times, I’ll rustle up something.:slight_smile:

@sarahlouise We all know what that’s like, not a problem!

@stochastic_forest how’s the flyer coming along? You got plenty of pictures for it Friday night, anything looking good?

@gingebot For better or worse the flyers should be arriving on Friday, not perfect perhaps, at least we will have something to distribute and it features our own work.


Flyer looks great - the main text has a font that is easily readable at arms length. A great start :slight_smile:

@Macaba And the gears are involute :wink:

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Looks fab :slight_smile:

@Jagmills We will know for sure when they arrive in the next 2 hours !

Would anyone be able to laser cut one or more A5 leaflet display stands this evening ?

I’ll be there soon and will get cracking on this :slight_smile:

Awesome @Jagmills , thank you !

We now have some flyers to put in the display stand !