SHM at Always the Sun Festival

SHM has been invited to attend the Always the Sun Music and Arts Festival, organised by the Boileroom, in Guildford in September.

Time to put on our thinking caps and come up with ideas for workshops and demonstrations!!

I need to confirm with the Boileroom in the next couple of days what we will be doing for the Always the Sun festival, whether we will be selling any items and what workshops we will be holding.

Some possibilities might be:

  • A soldering workshop with perhaps a small LED badge.

  • A solderless LED 3D pre-printed thingy assembly.

  • A 3D printing workshop - probably need multiple printers and computers.

Also, does anyone have ideas for things/kits we might sell ?

The Boileroom also need to know how many trader passes we will need.
Can the people who might want to attend and man(person?) our stand let me know and I can include them, car parking passes may also available, I’ll need a registration number. Please let me know if would like to take part before the end of the weekend.

This is a really good 2 day opportunity to show people what we do at the Makerspace and potentially recruit new members, as well as enjoy some music and maybe even some late summer sun!

I’m free that weekend and happy to help out. If car passes are available registration number is BT05LNK. Can car share if we need to.

Haven’t any better ideas ideas on what to make.

Thanks very much for that Andrew, your help will be really appreciated.

I’ll let you have more details closer to the event.

How would the costs of a small board assembly workshop be covered?

BTW given I will still be ‘Up North’ during this event a stranger called Mark Hill may drop off an SDcard reader for me to one of your guys, be nice to him as he will likely join our merry band…


Just posting a quick note here on account of not being able to find the info quickly.
Don’t have anything big that needs setup this evening, will be turning up tomorrow with a few bags and folding chairs and getting the octpus / pi running - what time do we need to be there, please?

Given the forecast we may need to do something to make the dome weather resistant and secure.

And if there is a working one, the Batak machine will need assembling.

There is no site wifi, so if we want to get the large illuminated number one doing anything we could possibly setup an access point which might need some tinkering to get working.

The show opens at 10:30 I think, the Imaginarium at 11:00pm, but the dome will be outside of that.

9:30am sounds good, but up to you.

Will see you there! Will be off with ukuleles for a bit to join in with the opening parade thingy, leaving octopus in the care of others, but will be back to demo stuff after that.

Do we need a “don’t feed the octupus” sign? :slight_smile:

Have fun folks, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

A big thanks to Claire, Julian and Andrew for all their sterling efforts today representing us on the stand at a quite damp the festival and dealing with lots of enquiries from the public.

The knitted octopus as always generates a sea of interest and our voting table has been engaging people through out the day.

The dome, plus a couple of large tarpaulins has been providing welcome shelter from the wind and rain for lots of the visitors.

Hopefully tomorrow will be much drier !

##A Rare Glimpse of the Sun !

##Mysterisouly, straw bales always appear when the Dome is erected

Welcome shelter from the rain!

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How’d it go folks? Weather was much nicer on Sunday! Photies please!

Lots of pics on camera, to go up sometime in next few days!
Soggy on Saturday (but still loads of interested/interesting folks to chat to), and busier Sunday, with lovely weather.
The tent of creative stuff we were in was a great idea, much chatting to other stallholders as well as the public (Guildford library were represented, and there was also a cartoonist I pointed Matt to for a chat about in case some sort of eye-catching ad for us could come from it…).
A range of ages and backgrounds of members of public came by to vote for a logo, watch the 3D printer and play with the projects. A good number of signups and leaflets taken away to look us up later.

Great stuff - can’t wait to see the pic. Maybe one day I’ll actually make it to something we’re at :cry:

@cylindric :heart: :camera: :sunrise_over_mountains:

I think someone is enjoying the emoticons on Discourse a little too much :laughing:


Dome tear down today

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A huge thanks to Andrew, Claire and Julian for giving up their whole weekend to field a continuous steam of questions about how long 3D objects take to print, how you tickle an octopus to make it sing and what is that you are printing now !

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