Robot combat team!

Hi everyone! Im based in hampshire and have been building combat robots for live events. Im looking to expand the team from myself only :joy: and really improve the engineering behind our robots. Im intrested in all weight classes but mostly run featherweights at the moment. Im based in liphook hampshire so very close.
Please let me know if of intrest!

Very exciting to hear, it’s been a few years (20?) since myself and @JulianWarren last went to an event with combat robots at it, and there were some antweights as I recall.
It would be very interesting to see this happening more locally :slight_smile:

@stochastic_forest @AndrewPatience might you be interested?

Hi Claire thats great :slight_smile: although currently running mostly feathers an ant weight (ive already started saving polycarbonate) and possibly one day beetle arena is definitely in our plans! Id love to get some local events going.

This sounds great, we could potentially be able to host events in the future.

Great to hear there would possibly be some intrest! best next step would be for me to come and say hello and have a look around and meet some faces. I can bring some robots if anyone is intrested in taking a look at what its about.

@AndrewPatience is sometimes there on a Friday, best plan is to liaise with him and find out when he’ll be in, to take a look around.

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Hopefully allowed! Its work in progress and very behind but here is a link to our roboty goings on! Please get in touch if you would like to get involved! Just clearing my plate and i will pop down on a friday for a chat i can bring some bots too if intrested!

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Making progress on my featherweight!


Lovely machined parts!

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That looks great! Is there going to be a blade that comes down, or is it just a flipper?

Little bit of all sorts!
Its moduler so i can swap out weapons.
Hydraulics are my comfort zone so that modlue is a 1.3ton pincer with hardox tooth.
There is a spinner module next, after that id like to do a flipper!

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Not all me but Having a lill cnc machine helps! A lathe next is on the list! The pins are gr5 titanium and a pain to make.

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