Robot Cat

We should get one for the space! Although I would prefer a dog version…

Easy! Create a cat AND the dog for the space :stuck_out_tongue:
(Sorry we’ve not been along much recently - a combination of weather, colds, and musical commitments!)

I’m up for it although that cat’s design hasn’t been opensourced ‘yet’.

Frank from South London makerspace is working on a dog and there is one here also :

Dogbot is Guildford-based too (in fact it’s sat a few desks away from me waiting to be cabled - reactai are renting space from us)



OMG I didn’t realise would really like to meetup?

I’m sure they would be happy to do a show and tell. Office is a 5 minute walk from the space, so try and arrange something for an open evening.

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That would be excellent

I have one of these on the way :slight_smile:

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Whatever you do, just don’t use Milo as a basis for movement and intelligence. That dog’s a menace and will completely ruin the end result