Repair Cafe 9th Nov

Repair Cafe Guildford is on at Park Barn Community Centre on 9th Nov

@stochastic_forest do you need any Makerspace volunteers for this one?

I’ve checked and if any SHM volunteers would like to turn up, they would be very welcome !

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Is anyone thinking of coming along on Saturday morning ? :slight_smile:

Depends on what @JulianWarren’s plans are. Plus you mentioned the “m” word :wink:
Will try and make it along later and have a chat.

Whoops, sorry I wasn’t very precise, the Repair Cafe takes place pre-afternoon :wink:

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We turned up but only the gym area was open, no signs or obvious event on. Any idea what happened?

Oh no, sorry you had a wasted journey :frowning:

Yes I think I’ve spotted the issue. Park Barn has two very similarly named community venues.
The Community Centre and the Social Centre.

The repair cafe used to be held at the venue you went to, but about 6 months ago it moved to
The Park Barn Social Centre, Park Barn Drive, Guildford, Surrey GU2 8EN.

Sorry, I didn’t spot which address was at the top of this thread. They could have used your expertise, it was quite a busy weekend.

How incredibly frustrating! I used the address they listed on the facebook event, too
Looks like they only updated the top-level address for the sequence of events, but didn’t update for the individual events, really wish I’d been aware of the change sooner :frowning:
I sent them a message days ago but got no response, so if you get a chance @stochastic_forest could you nudge them into making some updates?
(Just updated the event, and messaged them, with a more precise “bug report” which will hopefully be useful. Guessing not an issue if you are a local/regular!)

Got a reply, they’d not noticed the info hadn’t been updated.
I suggested should we make the next one, one of the things I could help mend is their sequence of Facebook events :wink:
Ans they agreed an event poster outside the previous place would be helpful.