Renaming the hackspace

So tonight’s hackspace session has prompted discussions of renaming the hackspace. The popular consensus and opinion of a few of us is that using “makerspace” is friendlier and more appealing to a wider group of people.

Whilst I’m sure this will divide opinions, I think it’s a perfect opportunity to open discussion for the idea of re-inventing our appeal to members, current and prospective.

So - ideas are very welcome and this topic will serve as a spring board for these. Please comment your ideas below! What do you think? Should we keep the locale-specific “Surrey and Hampshire”, or change to a more generic name (e.g. SoMakeIt, Geeklabs etc).

Any ideas of names using acronyms? E.g. "Surrey and Hampshire Makerspace"
Some names that started to crop up:

  • SHAM
  • The Great British Makespace
  • SHMucks
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I personally like the “Surrey and Hampshire” part. I totally agree that makerspace appeals to a wider audience. Also “Hack/Hacker” has a distinct stigma in the world outside of hackers, I have fallen foul of it several times.

I also remember trying to explain to someone what a hackspace is, I said they’re often also called a makerspace and instantly the penny dropped, and his reaction was to say why aren’t we called a makerspace as it describes exactly what we do.


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Don’t forget our official name is actually

SH Makerspace Ltd


From me, simply; I’m on board with a sensible name change (‘makerspace’ is good) and any suggested marketing revamp.

As a previously occasional attendee (and long time lurker) I agree with this, so if a name change goes ahead I think that a change from hackspace to makerspace can only be a good thing and also with the inclusion of the locale reference of Surrey and Hampshire improves the chance of people searching on-line being directed here.

Excellent, thanks for the feedback all.

The general consensus seems to be that moving is certainly a good idea. For most of us, it will still be fondly referred to as ‘hackspace’ - a lot of us see the terms as synonymous, but new members and the wider maker community do not.

We’ve set the wheels in motion :slight_smile: the IRC channel has now be renamed #sh-makerspace, and I am starting work on updating logos and such. There’ll be a voting/submission post on this soon.



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So how do we go about renaming the forum ? :wink:

new domain named needed?

New domain is a must! Would like to get the forum moved over and running on TLS.

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