Remote Control Boat Build Log

Thought I’d start a little build log for a personal project.
Basically designing and building an RC boat, with Impeller jet drive.
Power plant will be a petrol 2 stroke strimmer engine, with either single or twin impeller drive.
Current plan for the hull is to create a lasercut framework, and a 3D printed mould for the fiberglass laying.

Will be stripping the engine down and doing any testing at home (prettysure can’t use an engine inside the boileroom XD ) but will need to machine and modify the head and exhaust for water cooling
CAD designs and photos to follow.

Rear thrust bucket
Jet Vectoring (Left/Right +Up/Down)

Current parts list:
Strimmer Engine
Metal Impeller 20-40mm
Stainless Steel Tube (Impeller surround)
Shaft bearings
2 x Strong servos (20kg+) (Thrust Vectoring)
1 servo (Throttle)
Fiberglass & Epoxy
3D printed Jet unit

Possible gearbox: 1in 2 out (Ratio TBC)

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That sounds like a pretty impressive build, are you going to have to head off to Conniston Water for “Sea” trials !

Got permission from the Loxwood Canal, as long as I don’t interfere with their tourist trips

Thinks we need some timing equipment !

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