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Happy Day!

The Raspberry Pi Foundation have released a Tiny P2040 based dual core microcontroller board running at 133MHz with 256kB of SRAM and 2MB of Flash, low power sleep mode, hardware add and interpolation support and Programmable IO state machine controllers.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough news, the price is £3.60 … more info here.

My mouse may have accidentally slipped when reading the news announcement and I think I might have ordered some :wink:

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Insta-buy here, ordered two. Better with two as you can use one as a debug/deploy probe for the other.
Amazing piece of kit, all my microcontroller and cpu xmas gifts at once in a single tiny/cheap package!
Already had it blinking and chatting via USB UART over the weekend :slight_smile: Even read all the docs in readyness for it’s arrival. The PIO (programmable IO) units are a game changer too (think microcoded co-pro for running IO protocols, and eight of them too).