Raising Funds for SHH

To help raise funds, I have 2 projects that I need developing, I will be paying outside contractors anyway, so why not pay SHH if there is anyone who can do it for me?

Hi Keith,

This sounds like something I’d be interested in, please could you either post more details here or send me a private message? (Click my username then click on my username again in the popup, then click ‘Private Message’ in top right corner).

I’m happy to lend a hand too :smile:

Thanks, can we meet up & I can show you what I need, I can make during the day or at the Hack on Thursday, whichever is more convenient for you both.

We’ll be available at the Thursday Hackspace session, see you there!

Hi Robin
Are you able to help Mark finish off my cable assembly for guns, it was 8 weeks ago I came along to the hack & he doesn’t really have the time now & is now struggling to finish it.

Hi Keith,

Unfortunately a am too busy too, so wont be able to help.

Mark is a very talented engineer and I am sure it will be worth the wait if you can.