Pull down, ceiling mountable, projector screen

To go with our shiny projector it would be great if we could have a screen to use for talks and presentations. Does anyone have something like a roll-up projector screen we could install at the space ?

Could a roller blind be repurposed (obviously one with a light uniform colour)?
I suspect projector screens have a highly reflective ‘bright white’ coating, so a roller blind would give a dim image unless you could spray it.

Would it want to be just used for the space? The sheet-style screens that you hang up via the two top corners are very inexpensive, but they’re just a bit of faff compared to the nice rollup ones (I actually have a fancy motorised one at home!).

An example of a “sheet” one.

The sheet screens look inexpensive and would have the advantage of being relocatable easily, I’m wondering if there is a trick to tensioning them.