Publishing Open Source Projects

Thingiverse is a place for publishing 3D printable designs.
Wamungo is another place for publishing 3D printable designs.
Instructables is a place to publish ‘stuff’ without any source files.
GitHub is a place to publish software.

If you have a project with Eagle source (schematic, PCB layout etc) + 3D printable case source + software + instructions / manuals, where would you publish it?

Personally I’d stick It all on GitHub or BitBucket. Revision control isn’t only handy for software, also it’s convenient place for people to download. You can link to it on blog posts, instructables etc…

On a side note did you see that google have decided git has won and they are pulling down google code.

You might also consider Folknology’s Solderpad.

Solderpad looks like an excellent place for schematics and PCB layouts but doesn’t look like a great solution for 3D objects like cases - Thingiverse is probably the best place for these. The majority of projects I’ve seen just dump all the files in a git rep though.

For documentation I’d either use Github’s wiki feature or if there is only a small amount of info needed I would just create a markdown file. If it’s a large project, Sphinx or Mkdocs would make sense.

Thank you all very much, I had never heard of Solderpad and it’s very interesting, it is actually a set of Git repos, so maybe best of all worlds, full Git power with humanised front end and published.
In the words of Kenny Everett “What could possibly go wrong?”.

Crosses my legs ostentatiously !

Solderpad isn’t mine BTW, I just use it.