Psu using Velleman VMA404 Modules or Atx supply

Construction notes. For Dome nodes. Need set-up because these modules are variable output. A snag has arrised because these do not have an exact 0.1 inch matrix via the corner pin connections when mounted on plain matrix board. Need needle file and pin drill as well as 16- 18 swg wire to complete and to sort out extra heatsinks. Be next attending at Boiler room 1st Friday after bank holiday. Suggesting this to overcome any power supply hang-ups (when supplying multiple pi model 3B microcontrollers with the hat requirements) such as sagging voltage rails because the regulators have gone into their protection mode such as foldback or intermittent low pulse cycle duty for switched mode types. Primary/1st stage regulated supply would be a 12 volt switched mode supply to these modules.
A viable multiple voltage alternative seems to be an ATX Pentium 2/3 psu. Although this doesn’t support 24 volts without added extra windings on the switching transformer, sorting out the associated resistive divider feedback to set original 12 voltage to 24v and higher voltage decoupling capacitors of 35v minimum. There are also all those stray four way cables. The only thing going for itself is the small size. Sort out connection with a hack on a plug in extension lead on the 20 way connector. There’s also the adoption of power good LED indicators according to the ATX wire colour coding, Red=5v with 470R, Orange =3v3 with 220R/270R, Yellow=12v (1k0)modifyed to 24v with 2k2 resistor.