Project Log: Stuart Models Progress Engine

I’ve decided to finally start a new project. For this project I’ll be building the “Progress” engine by Stuart Models

If all goes well, it should look much like this when completed:


Though right now, it looks like this:


Going to be quite a lot of time over the next several weeks on the lathe, and with files and abrasive paper…

Here’s the first update at two weeks, so far I’ve probably put only a few hours into it but its coming along nicely.

See below for all the pictures. So far I’ve completed the flywheel, which I plan to attach to the driveshaft using Loctite 638, the fit isn’t tight so the wheel currently spins freely on the shaft, but there’s no play in it. The spokes were cleaned using files, and the outer edge and spigot were done on the lathe. The central hole was marked, spotted, drilled to 5/32" and then reamed to 3/16".

I’ve started to clean up a few other parts, mainly the body of the engine, which I’ve so far done with a belt sander, a Dremel and files, need to get the bottom properly squared to the mounting bosses on the base, which I’ve also now cleaned up, I plan to only file the parts of the base which need it, and to just brush the rest.

The crank has been mostly cleaned up and will need to be drilled in two places, once on the round boss for 3/16" to accept the other end of the drive shaft, and once nearer the edge for a short stud to connect the piston rod to.


DSC_0102 Flywheel
DSC_0109 Base
DSC_0106 Underside of engine body
DSC_0108 Underside of crank
DSC_0103 Flywheel (again)
DSC_0105 Engine body
DSC_0107 Crank
DSC_0104 Flywheel (without driveshaft)