Project Log: Leather Leatherman belt pouch

An ongoing project I started today :slight_smile:
I’m making a pouch for my Leatherman, torch and assorted accessories. It will fit:

  • My Leatherman Surge multitool
  • 2x bit sets for the Leatherman
  • Saw/file pouch for Leatherman
  • Olight torch
  • Pen

I might possibly add more to this, we shall see!

The first step was to ‘wet form’ the leather to the various items that will be stored in its pouches. This is done by soaking the leather for around 30 minutes, and then fixing it to a piece of wood on one edge.

Next, the leather is formed around the items (which were pre-wrapped in cling film to add a bit of clearance and protection). This is done with a creasing tool, to press the leather into shape. I found it very helpful to use my air stapler with fairly long staples to pin the leather in place as I went along.

Finally, with all the tools in placed and the leather formed around it, it sat in the sun to dry.

After it got dark, I retrieved the pouch and cut off some excess leather to aid drying. It is now in the airing cupboard of my house - the next stage will begin after ~24 hours of drying to make sure the leather is ‘set’ to the right shape.

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