Print me please!

I’m trying to build a batak like reaction timer game for the festival, time will tell if it actually gets finished, if it doesn’t, we can still make wednesday night at the space game night :slight_smile:

It requires some mounting brackets for the buttons. I have a design here.

I think I just about have enough time to print the 14 brackets I’d like to have.

But if anyone has a little spare time and could run off a few I’d be really grateful as that would be make life a little easier.

20% infill or better would be nice as they may take a bit of a pounding !

I can print off 3 Friday evening. I only have black PLA at the moment, will it be ok?

Aww, thank you so much !

Any colour will be great, I manage 2 in three hours :slight_smile:

Yeah Cura says just under 4 hours for 3, so if I set the printer going at 18:00 it should be done in time :slight_smile:

Plenty of time for a brew whilst watching it print !

Just a heads up, I’ve uploaded a new copy with some minor tweaks , version 3 of the file, for anyone who might have downloaded it previously.

I’ll try - it depends on what state it’s in once I find it under the sawdust…

I’m a little bit worried you haven’t followed the laser cutter materials handling instructions to the letter …

I forgot about one hurdle in my printing good intentions - there is metric crapload of MDF in my workshop at the moment, for the MMSU build. I can barely move in there, let alone get to the corner with the printers :slight_smile:

Hell man, don’t you have a great big laser, can’t you blast your way through all that pitiful MDF ? :slight_smile:

I could give it a go :slight_smile:

That’s looking much more impressive than it did on Sunday !