Pop in to say hi?

Hi there. I’ve recently come across your site and am really keen to come and see your makerspace. I can’t do your open evening tomorrow. Is it possible to visit on Friday morning at all? I’m really interested in seeing your laser. Thanks!

Hi @Laserquest,

Not sure if anyone will be around Friday morning - if they are, hopefully they will chip in here!

Friday and Tuesday evenings are our usual open sessions and I’d recommend you popping in at some point then to see what everyone gets up to, Fridays are especially lively!

Would be great to see you at some point :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks. I’ll see if I can organise an evening visit. In the mean time, if anyone is around on Friday, that would be great.

I could open up the space tomorrow morning, if you let me know a time frame.
Something like 10am-12pm would probably work for me.

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That would be amazing! I could aim to get to you at 10 if that works? Thanks. Looking forward to it.

10:00am it this then, entry is through the garden at the back of the boilerom in stoke fields.
Come through the gate take a left turn and walk towards the main building , turn left again and go through a large black metal door. Head upstairs, right, past the tattoo parlour, then we are at the end of the corridor.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Matt. I replied after our meet up the other day but got a bounce back this morning?! Just wanted to say that it was great to meet you and see the space. I’ll make a plan to pop in for an open evening in the next few weeks and get signed up :slight_smile:

Excellent news, we look forward to seeing you very soon ! Tuesdays evenings are not as busy as a Friday, or if evenings prove difficult we could arrange a time during the day if that is more convenient.

Hi @stochastic_forest
Hope you’re well! Any chance someone could be around on Friday 1st December during the day for a laser intro? I officially finish working in London at the end of next week (yay!) so am keen to get stuck in!

Hi there @Laserquest that is great news, yes I’m sure we can arrange for someone to be around to sign you up and give you an induction.

Part of the induction process is to achieve laser cutting a first piece, so perhaps you might want to select something to make :slight_smile:

That’s great! Thanks Matt :slight_smile:

Mmmh, looks like this coming Friday isn’t going to work :frowning: Sorry. Would anyone be free w/c 11 December. Appreciate it’s Christmas time but if it’s convenient that would be great?

Yes I should expect someone could be around, perhaps a good idea to confirm closer to the actual date :slight_smile: