Pinecil soldering iron group purchase?

Hi all,

I could do with a more portable iron and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Pinecil (links below). You can get them on Amazon or whatever but they’re highly marked up. It’s much cheaper to buy them direct apart from the issue of postage. If, however, I was to buy three (the maximum they’ll send in one order) the postage works out a lot more reasonable per iron.

So, would anyone be interested in joining the order if I did that?

Been considering one for a while. Count me in!

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Going to do a “Going, Going, Gone!” on this today.

@popey DM me if you want anything more than just the iron. I’ll place the order tonight or tomorrow.

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Just the pinecil, thanks!

Arrived. I’ll figure out a way to leave it somewhere safe at the Maker Space. Do you have a box?

I also took a punt on ordering a third in case anyone gets to this late (though it’ll go in ebay soon if not).

First impressions… why have I been lugging the brick I used to use around for so long?!