PCB fabrication times

I thought it might be useful for us to document PCB delivery times from various services.
Dates in DDMMYY format.

OSH Park

Order A
Board type: 2 layer
Ordered: 05/10/15
Shipped: 14/10/15
Arrived: 20/10/15
Total time: 15 days

Order B
Board type: 2 layer
Ordered: 12/10/15
Shipped: 21/10/15
Arrived: 27/10/15
Total time: 15 days

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Order C
Board type: 4 layer
Ordered: 15/10/15
Sent to fab: 20/10/15
Shipped: 29/10/15
Received: 04/11/15
Total time: 20 days

Order D
Board type: 2 layer
Ordered: 30/10/15
Sent to fab: 30/10/15 (upgraded to super swift service)
Shipped: 04/11/15
Received: 17/11/15
Total time: 20 days

Curious one; despite the super swift service, the overall time is longer. The package was sent using ‘Commercial ePacket’ rather than ‘International Priority Airmail’ - I suspect this made the difference.

Order E
Board type: 2 layer
Ordered: 11/11/15
Sent to fab: 11/11/15
Shipped: 16/11/15
Received: 23/11/15
Total time: 12 days

Order F
Board type: 2 layer
Ordered: 5/11/15
Sent to fab: 5/11/15
Shipped: 13/11/15
Received: 23/11/15
Total time: 18 days

Order G

Boards type: 2 layer
Ordered: 04/12/15
Sent to fab: 04/12/15 (upgraded to super swift service)
Shipped: 09/12/15 (upgraded to UPS Worldwide Expedited)
Received: 14/12/15

Total time: 10 days

There were 5 designs in this order, upgrading one design to super swift upgraded them all for free (OSH park has common sense basically).

For prototypes I use Seeed Studio Fusion PCB fabrication service since a year. Quality is very good, I was also impressed with the shipping from China, as it was no more than an additional week with DHL.

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I’ve heard good things about Seeed Studio’s service.

I’ve recently used Elecrow to try them out - I’m very impressed with them, it was the lowest overall price I could find anywhere but still had excellently short manufacturing and shipping time (I paid for DHL).