PAT Tester Available

I have access to a PAT tester and a few labels until Fri the 2nd of September.

It might be a good idea to get a few more labels and give the makerspace equipment
the once over or test anything else that you feel needs it.

I could bring it along tonight if that was useful ?

Yeah, sounds good. The more we can test the better.

I will try to remember to get Julian to take my laptop powersupply to be tested this week as I need part of it to power the Lapdock for my Pi for the Always the Sun thing :slight_smile:


Does Fri 2nd include this evening, or will it already have gone back?
If still available I can bring the small item that would be useful to be tested.

Yes it’s still available , though I’m not sure we have a meet arranged now
the Boileroom move is delayed

My understanding is that we were still at Games Galaxy this week?
Yep, this was in an email from the google group a few days ago:

The good news is that there will be a Games Galaxy session on Friday evening at the usual times :slight_smile: Thanks goes to gingebot for hosting this.”

Great news, I didn’t spot that, I’ll bring the tester tonight :slight_smile:

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We have another last meeting at GG tonight… If anyone is interested and