Open Session 15/11/2016

Hi all,

We’ll be having another open session tonight. @stochastic_forest, @Folknology and myself will be around at varying times.

I should be there at around 6-7pm and I’ll be installing french cleats (hooray! :heart:) and some various other space-tidying jobs.

There’s now plenty of room if you’d like to come do a project :slight_smile:

Well it was interesting last night at the space, @stochastic_forest and I were working on
his curious shelving system, @Jagmills started working with the laser cutter
cooling/ chilling unit. @stochastic_forest also tried to
electrocute me with a dodgy inspection lamp, and I nearly had my thumb off
with a vicious set of wire strippers whilst working on the led strips for
the shelving, At least we got to use our nice first aid kit!

I was also thinking this morning that we need to be very careful about the
center section of the space where we are planning the communal area, the
seats are already clogging the space up and making it near impossible to
move around. With this in mind I wonder if it is worth scrapping the
current office like chairs and maybe having a coffee bar like center
arrangement with stalls that push under the bar to provide maximum space to
allow movement. In other words I think we need to do something bespoke to
make the center area actually work and provide the communal feel, perhaps
the bar should be a 2 part arrangement with wheels for max flexibility
(basically 2 wheeled benches).


Just for a bit of fun, a timelapse video from last night: