Open Session 13/01/2017

We’ll be open as usual on Friday evening, so all comers welcome.

If anyone wants a laser-induction, let me know in this thread.

@Cylindric Laser induction please. :thumbsup:

@Folknology was interested too, wasn’t sure if he could make it but I did say that the offer of induction may tempt him.

yes please :slight_smile:

Okay, looks like it’s Training Day at SHM on Friday.

@Folknology tentative?

I’ll try and get there early enough to clear a space and get some bits’n’bobs ready.

Is there space for another, as I’m also interested. If so what time do you need us at the space?
Also can I get my card activated on the same day?

Yes I can do that when you’re in. I’ve happily found a method that doesn’t involve me perching in peculiar poses to connect to the door system :slight_smile:


Yeah, should be fine. It doesn’t take long, so can always do a couple of runs.

I hope to be there from about 6pm until late, so whenver, really. I’m still working out the full regime, so it’ll be a bit ad-hoc to start with :slight_smile:

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Thank you, see you tomorrow.

It was a busy evening last night and I think there were over a dozen visitors that attended over the evening. During the evening I noticed the following; the small lathe in use, amateur radio antenna construction with successful testing and the 3D printer was also given a run.
I tried to re-flash my EMF Tilda badge, which even though it appeared to accept the image, it failed to boot & last but not least, great thanks to @Cylindric for the laser cutter induction and help with my first ‘cut’, a case for the EMF Tilda badge. I’ve attached an image as the cutter is near to finishing the front of the case.