Open Session 11/11/16

Tonight will be another open session - the space is almost finished off, with just a few things left to complete. It would be lovely to have you attend as usual, and we’ll hopefully see you there!

I should be arriving at the space around 5:30 - if Matt isn’t there already, I’ll be the first to open up and make sure people can get in.

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Me too!

I would like to get the webcam finished and perhaps work on the networking side of things. However, I’ll also probably be playing with my RPi robot if I get the chance! :slight_smile:

I’ll be around from midday, with a few excursions for food and drink.

If you have your badge registered with Chris, you can turn up and let yourself in as the Boileroom will be open throughout the day :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who turned up on Friday - another great session had! A few highlights:

  • We mounted the space’s rack cabinet (and associated networking gear) up on the wall and off the shelving unit, creating a bit more storage space by utilising some we wouldn’t otherwise. Big thanks go out to @stochastic_forest and his drilling and sawing skills to get it in place.
  • @gingebot started work on our space 3D printer!
  • @AndrewPatience and @AndrewPatience2 (aka his brother) got a few bits into the loft to tidy it up, and got to work on the LED cube.
  • @Cylindric and @mark were working on various OpenTRV things.
  • Me, I worked on the space security camera a bit (now with motion detection!) and got the network cabinet wired back up. I also started work on my Sumo bot, which is now working and whizzing around but yet to have the software written for it.

And a sneak peak at what the space looks like this morning:

Hey this is looking great guys.

I can be there for an open Tuesday tomorrow evening from 5:30 BTW, maybe I
can borrow Jags keys for closing up?

Hi @Folknology,

I will almost definitely be there tomorrow evening. I’m going to try to work from home tomorrow, so I can pop out to B&Q and manufacture some french cleats to put up.

You should be fine to get in from 5:30 with your badge. It might be an idea to have some ‘space’ keys that reside somewhere secure for the odd occassion a non-key-holder isn’t in. We could even integrate it into the entry system, and only allow certain people to retrieve the keys using their badge :slight_smile:

Oh that’s a good idea

I’ll be around too.