Open session 10/01/17

Anyone around on the 10th.
Looking to make this my regular evening and haven’t a pass yet.
Expect to be there after 7.30pm

I should be, but normally @stochastic_forest and @Folknology are there on Tuesdays.

I’m hoping to make it but will let you know tomorrow morning.

Thanks. I’ve a few things I want to get sorted.
Most specifically make buttonFlash more robust.It works well, but is prone to failure due to the bashing it gets in play.
The Pringles tubes hold up really well, but my shocking soldering and wiring keeps working lose.
This is a project I plan to keep long term and so a bit of TLC now should make all the difference.

Sorry you don’t have a shiny new membership card yet @Winkleink, I’ll be there tonight to let you in.

I’ll definitely be coming tonight for some SDR related hackery, and working on the entry system.

We’ll try and dig out your membership card if it’s in the space at all. I definitely remember seeing yours, but we did have a search before and couldn’t find it. If we ask @Cylindric very nicely perhaps he can print another one :slight_smile:

Great. See you this evening.
Good way to start 2017.

Another enoyable session!

I was working a bit more on the entry system backend for a while - nothing exciting there apart from playing around with Docker and ironing out a few more bugs.

I switched to showing off my new dipole antenna for my radio shenanigans, and @Takumo and I manage to listen in to a radio amateur calling CQ - a first for me and something I was very happy about! Later on I also heard a sliver of morse code but couldn’t tune into it again.
On Friday I hope to have a solution for mounting my antenna on the 5m high radio mast (also a painter’s handle) to see if I can get a better signal.

@stochastic_forest was performing yet more wizardry on the space printer which is making very good looking prints already. @Folknology was playing with a sumo bot and doing more FPGA trickery with Ken, and @Winkleink showed up doing yet more fancy things with Raspberry Pis.

I then spent the rest of the evening quickly working on a web store for SHM - the idea being we could sell materials and bits and bobs, such as arduinos, to any members who may need them for a project.

My first session for 2017. Looking forward to even more.