Open session: 08/11/16

Hi all,

Due to popular demand I’ll be at the space from about 5:30-6pm tomorrow evening to open up our Tuesday open session!

I’m trying to get through our list of members with entry badges - if you have a membership badge, or are yet to pick one up, feel free to pop in and I will gladly register it with our system to allow you entry through the space door automatically.

OK I will join you tomorrow evening

See you there. Will be closer to 7:30 when I make it.

Gah! Apologies all, I now will not be able to make it this evening as I
totally forgot I have to take my youngest to see here 3rd 6th Form College
(thought it was last night!), I should get back to normal from next week,
luckily Others will be attending tonight

I’m at the space, so it’s open and free for anyone to come and visit.

By the looks of things not many people are coming unfortunately - @Winkleink is welcome to come visit though! :slight_smile:

Visited. Great evening. Looking forward to more Makerspace evening.

Great to see you @Winkleink!

We had a good evening with just a few of us. I finished off @stochastic_forest’s excellent plug wiring, so now we have plenty of sockets accessible on every bench.

We moved all the benches back - the space is really coming together now :slight_smile:

@AndrewPatience and I had a great time sifting through some of the stuff we’ve acquired over the years, from old components to the 1000th scope probe we now have. I had a fun evening hacking a Mac Mini we have back to functionality, which should be handy for something.

@Winkleink showed up with an impressive array of Pi related items and stories, and we had a good catch up. Later @stochastic_forest returned, a little damp from the cold November rain but instantly returned to good spirits after seeing the wiring finished :smiley:

A quiet but enjoyable time!


Woops, I have none! There’s still stuff everywhere, but having the open space in the middle is rather nice. Still a few more tasks to do - mostly around the lighting which @florian has made a great start on I hear, and tidying up the networking stuff.

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