Open session: 04/11/16

Come and join us for our open session this evening and admire the fantastic new windows, the space, will be open to all from 16:00 hours.

If you have your membership card and @Jagmills has registered it, you can of course use the fancy RFID space entry system!

Sorry can’t make it tonight as Fridays have become a bit of a No Go for me
as I have to taxi my youngest around. However I am keen to begin the open
Tuesday sessions are we in a position to do that yet?

Very sorry to hear that @Folknology, if no other key holder is available, I could generally be around to close up if some people want to meet this or other Tuesdays.

I shall be there, although I am without laptop at the moment so not sure what I will be up to.

@Folknology shame to hear that! I should be available for Tuesday open sessions. We will soon(ish) have a system to allow people to register for “key holder” status that I’ve been working on (well I say that - it’s basically SoMakeIt’s system on our server) but I’d rather concentrate my efforts on perhaps expanding the RFID system instead.

Open Tuesday would work well for me also. Friday evening can be a bit manic.