Open Friday weather permitting

Due to weather I’m not planning a open evening this Friday (18/02/22). Please consider the weather before visiting over the next few days. The Boileroom is open tomorrow evening so members can use the space.

All are welcome to join our virtual makerspace from 8pm.

I aim to run open evenings on Fridays going forward.

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Very sensible not to travel, thank you for opening in the following weeks!

Hi folks, are we open today, and is there a Meet Up event I can share on Social Media?

Yes we are open this evening!

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Yay, well done, I’ve put out a meetup post to that effect!

@AndrewPatience what time will you be there this evening please?
As someone from the Facebook group is looking to turn up and can’t see any times.

Also, it’s been fed back that it’s hard to find the opening hours on the website, so worth thinking about updating that.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it this evening. I was planning to. We need to have another key holder to help. The venue is open this evening but I’m not aware of any members definitely at the space for visitors.

I’ve updated the person who was asking. Thanks!