Offer of low cost equipment

I have a offer from my local secondary school of pillar drills and scroll saws as well as metal working vices and other item if we are interested. Donation to school of £10-50 per item.

Will add pictures tonight.
Please let me know asap.

PS can’t decide on a category for post.

Wow, nice!

Andrew can you put me down personally for a scroll saw, if available?

I suspect as a space we are also very interested. A scroll saw would be a nice addition, as would some of the mysterious other items you mention :slight_smile:

id be interested in some gear if thats ok? let me know when you have pics :slight_smile:

Images of the kit I know about not certain what else there is. Planning on going to visit tomorrow..

id be interested in the pillar drill unless anyone else is? thanks Sam

Nice find !

If the pillar drill is better than the one we have at the space it might be useful.

A scroll saw for the space sounds like a good idea.

There are now two scroll saws in the Makerspace. £30 each. Other equipment had already reserved by the time I could get there, except possiblly one scroll saw left.

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Nice work Andrew! I would love one of those scroll saws, do you accept PayPal? :wink: I sadly can’t attend tonight, but I will be down tomorrow and Friday.

We have found this evening that they require a bit of maintenance before they are useable. New plug and removal of old saw dust is needed.

@Jagmills yes I accept paypal be lets check they work properly first.

Andrew - the larger one, I untangled all the cables from it and got the motor out - inspected it’s windings - one of the windings is gone/dangerous state - it’s burned out/melted the wire guides does not look healthy at all unfortunately. (this is the one described as smoking) - It’s been cleaned out we thought maybe it’s just saw dust that was causing the smoke - it’s more fundamental than that :disappointed:

Burnt out motor isn’t the end of the world - we can find a replacement, retrofit an appropriate motor, or rewind the winding. Got any part numbers/size data on the existing motor and a picture of the winding?