New member liphook!

Hello everyone! names lewis,

I found you online while looking into starting a local makerspace and saw we already have one in the area! which is great :slight_smile:

Im an engineer by trade(ex hydraulic an mechanical but now electrical and mechanical for enviromental scientific reaserch) and regularly have my fingers in all flavour of projects!

Currently im tied up building combat robots a little like the ones you would have seen on Tv.tried but having issues uploading a picture now possibly my permissions are too low.

im not entirely sure how things work here or yet with makerspaces but id like to get involved i have a fair amount of tooling that people are welcome to come and use if needed or if i can help with any projects :slight_smile:

hope to meet you all soon



Glad to see you made it here!

You’ve already spotted that images don’t work (needs some admin help) I’d suggest if you want to post an image, use the add a link functionality and link to somewhere the pic is hosted, to share it.