New Computer

I’m in the process of upgrading my desktop, and rather than selling parts, I’m happy to donate them to upgrade from the laptops we’ve currently got.
Basically, i7 920k (Bloomfield first gen) and motherboard.
Spare 40gb sata2 solid state and 500gb HDD
Graphics card to follow shortly
Needs: case, PSU, cd/dvd drive, OS.

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@James_Donovan that sounds brilliant! We could use a machine with a little more horse horsepower. There are some cases and PSUs up in the loft, we’d need to sift through them to see what might be suitable. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I have a ton of spares I can bring in to go with this. I have some GPUs, RAM, PSUs, and PCI cards that we could use for a space PC.

Just need a case that fits :slight_smile:

Update: will have a AMD hd 7770 available as a GPU. Works with CAD software beautifully

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Boxed and ready to bring on Tuesday.
Includes a small SSD

Disclaimer not an RTX 2080, even I don’t have an RTX2080. what am i, made of money. Just a reused reused box not a strix mobo either. Another reused reused box