New chat location

Hi all,

If like any of us who frequent the IRC channel and you have nothing better to do in your day job (cough), come have a chat on our new Slack channel.

Slack is rather nice for day to day chatting and socialising! :slight_smile: You can sign up to Slack by following this link.

How exactly does one get an invite to the slack? The link you provided gives access to login, but doesn’t show an invite. Typically communities that want to invite people into their slack will provide an invite link, not just the front page login. Because there’s a chicken and egg problem that you can’t get in until you have an account. If you have an email address in the domain, that’s one way in, but people without those logins won’t be able to get in. (like me).

Hi @popey,

The link above takes me to the sign up page - requesting your email address, name, and short description - this is what I see by following it:

@cylindric set this up to allow people to just “invite themselves”. What is it you see when you follow this link? I can send you a manual invite if you like, but I’m surprised that the one isn’t working - would be nice to fix it if other people are getting something different.



When I joined (30 Jan 2017) I just clicked on the the link in the 1st post (by following this link), got the login page shown above in @Jagmills post and signed up. Then received a ‘Join Team’ email from Slack without issue and at the time I didn’t have a Slack account.

Maybe there is an issue with the email bot not sending out the ‘Join Team’ invite.

Okay, I think I figured out the issue. I followed the link in the IRC topic, which links to not as per your link above. You should probably fix the link on IRC. Anyone going to IRC will get the “wrong” page and be unable to get in:-

I was expecting an ‘invite’ as other places do:-

I’ll try via your link instead. Thanks!

Thanks @popey, I have fixed the link on IRC.