New app for bluetooth Multimeter adapter

Hello! :slight_smile:

I’m back for a bit and have found a slight annoyance. Recently I acquired a rather nice multimeter that has a lot of functionality - data logging, a nice screen, and just an all-round improvement to what I had previously. This is made by Uni-T, a brand with mixed acceptance in the community, but the UT181a is one of their flagship models and I must say it is very nice indeed.

This came with a USB cable for transferring data to a PC, which works great. I also ordered the UT-D07A, a small bluetooth adapter that allows wireless communication. Sounds great, right?

Sadly I’ve found the phone app pretty rubbish - on iOS it crashes, and on Android it seems to frequently disconnect. The PC app has no ability to connect over bluetooth, which I was really hoping to achieve.

So - time to hack together something that does what I want! :slight_smile:

After some initial investigation, I downloaded the Android APK package and used an online decompiler to look at the source code - something which was surprisingly very easy to do. This was apparently all written in Java; I mostly hate Java as I really don’t understand it, but a lot of it pointed to Bluetooth LE calls. I downloaded a simple bluetooth sniffer app, and I could see that this little guy sends out “advertisements”, that I currently have not been able to read (yet).

Recently I’ve had lots of help from @macaba working with some C# stuff. Handily, there are quite a few C# examples for dealing with Bluetooth LE data. I hope to write a simple app to receive the data the little bluetooth thing streams out and have at the end of it my data remotely displayed!

Hi sir if you succeded in developing the bluetooth app for windows pc please mail to thanking you.