My projects are on TV all evening 😍

Fame at last! Promise I won’t let it go to my head, but the Katie Piper model with her most famous quote lit-up and etched in our very own Makerspace has been given airtime on Freeview Channel 7 That’s Surrey news :blush: The first story is on our Insight Art group show that was this last Saturday and my willow archer & Debut Dance (the Katie Piper piece) have upstaged most of the other art in terms of airtime. See if you can spot me a couple times in the filming- it’s surreal, and it’s on every hour on the hour through the night (just be sensible & record it if it interests you!)
A few people came through and I hope they picked up the SHM leaflets I left next to my projects. Well that’s another thing checked off my bucket list! :white_check_mark:


Awesome ! I’d love to the video, I don’t seem to have Freeview Channel 7 … anyone have this recorded or know of a web source ?