My Hack a House Project

It’s been a while, seems there’s is just about always something I have to do on a Friday or Tuesday evening.

The last couple of weeks I have been destroying and rebuilding the fireplace in my living room.

We decided the open fireplace although looks nice is impractical; they’re only about 25% efficient, always have to be tended lest they burn the house down and the old chimney leaks in the room upstairs.

We have decided to get the chimney lined and multifuel stove installed, so I’ve done all the legwork of getting the old fireplace out, making a nice new hearth and opening for the stove to go in.

Here’s an album of my progress:

I will add to the album util the project is complete.

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Personally I was disappointed that I couldn’t see a fully cloud-rendered Fusion 360 mockup of what it is going to look like.

I would really like to see what kind of stove you have planned, it’s been an ultimate dream of mine to have a nice wood burning stove in the next house! I was most pleased when I saw the idea of a “workshop stove” designed specifically for cold timber-botherers who have lots of offcuts to spare :slight_smile:

haha, it’s been more of an evolving project than properly planned. For starters it was very difficult to tell what I would find behind the fireplace and how much space there would be. A non central opening, unsupported lintel and crumbling pier lead to bricking up part of the opening. I was hoping to make a nice bricked opening, but the tight space meant I had to line with cement board to maximise the space.

I have ordered this stove:

It comes recommended and has quite a few positive ratings, seemingly stoveworld have great reviews, but of course the proof is in the pudding so watch this space :wink: