Modular Cafe this week in Aldershot

Modular Cafe this week in Aldershot;
“Happy Sunday Y’all!!
Remember it’s ModCaf this week, thurs, 7.30 at the Westend Centre.

Where else are you going to get alternative live electronica, plus the chance to have a jam with other cool peeps…all for £3? Well, the answer is nowhere. There is nowhere else where that would happen.

So we’ll see you there. And your friends.‘

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See you Thursday,:grinning:.

oooooh this is very interesting, thanks for sharing!

Also suggest it might be worth chatting to them to see how possible it would be to combine forces and have a bloopy noises event at the Boileroom sometime… Could be fun!

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Sad that I missed this, how often does it run?

I think they aim for monthly, although the past events don’t look like they always are.

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From my discussion with them they book the venue quarterly. They are definitely there next month and plan to carry on the same place for the foreseeable future.

Definitely a good evening, recommend it to everyone.

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A bit last minute I know, but the next one of these is tonight (20th March 2019). Sadly the Ukeaholics are rehearsing tonight so no synthtastic fun for me but I thought other folks might be interested!..

We have Ben Hanlan playing live, plus Robert Rhoades is doing a last minute step in for us. Plus Ben’s TECH SPOT…which is still yet to be named (answers on a postcard), plus the usual JAM and electronical nonsense and wonder.

So…bring a bit of kit for a jam…or just bring yourself…either is absolutely fine.

£3 a head.
West End Centre, Aldershot.

Apparently next month’s is on 18th April for those who like to plan ahead.

grr! haha. I could almost make it tonight, but sadly I am not feeling well! :frowning:

I might make it if I get a sudden burst of energy, and if so, see you there!