Modular Cafe mini festival 30th sept - 1st oct

Got this from the organisers :slight_smile:

Hi guys. Thank you for your continued support with MODCAF. Just to let you know that we’re planning a mini festival over the weekend of 30th Sept and 1st Oct at the Q121 wind tunnel in Farnborough. As a part of that we’re planning to run a ‘making’ workshop for creating a small electronic instrument from a kit - which will likely be the Sunday morning. We’d like to open it up to as many interested folk as possible. We’ll be able to supply more details nearer the time, including ticket info (there will be limited spaces etc), but wanted to give you guys a heads up!


Hello Claire and SHM Members, my name is Gareth, I am part of the MODCAF “crew” involved in the “synthDIY workshop” I thought I would join up and use this forum as a way of interacting with you guys regarding the workshop if that’s OK??

We have been thinking about offering the following kit for people to build (attendees will hopefully get a self contained fun result from the session);

The disintegrated-cracklebox from rakit kits (I couldn’t paste a link).

We spoke to one your members at the last MODCAF and he expressed an interest in you guys very kindly potentially helping out at the event…

With the possibility of additional kit being available?

I’ve got 10 soldering irons which I bought a while back for doing these kind of things… but if help is a possibility maybe we could talk to arrange etc…

Thanks again



Hi Gareth, great to hear from you! I think you spoke to @JulianWarren and I am tagging him so that he sees this.

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hi Claire !! yes we spoke to @JulianWarren thanks!

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hi @julianwarren please can you have a look at my initial post and let me know if you need any more details about the types of kit please? thank you Gareth

Hi Gareth,

I’ll send you a PM. Things have been a bit busy and chaotic due to the ongoing work and disruption caused the makerspace move, but hopefully we can sort something out to get more people building kits.


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Thanks again for your help today @JulianWarren and @Claire_Lonsdale

Photo Album showing todays workshop

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Thanks @pnpmodular it was great fun!

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@pnpmodular I’ve just sent you a note about a weekend event here… check your messages area of this forum :slight_smile: