Modular Cafe, May

Those folks at the Modular Cafe have their plans up for this month! Do join them for an evening of synths at the West End Centre, Aldershot.

“Mays meeting of the Modcaf is on Thurs 23rd this month.
We have Aimee-Sophia Brown playing live, plus another live slot (TBA), Ben’s tech spot, plus the usual live jam. “

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Thanks Claire!
I am definitely going to make this one :slight_smile:

@Takumo @AndrewPatience FYI!
This Thursday, I plan to go :smile:

This is tonight! How fun :slight_smile:

What’s the modular cafe? Is it just music stuff?

It’s about modular synthesizers, e.g:

A few of us like them. I am currently building one!

I will be going. :smiley: