ModCaf Social

Just spotted on Facebook:

Anyone near Guildford free this evening? Come and hang out and talk synths and electronic music with us at Growlers and Cans, opposite Turtle Bay for ModCaf Xmas drinks! :slight_smile: Look out for a Moog hat and a Make Noise shirt if you’re new!

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Darn, missed out as usual - hopefully I’ll be modcafé-ing a lot more this year!

Well, I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I used to make modular bits when i had time :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll come say hello if you do it again and this whole virus thing has passed :slight_smile:

Best plan is to keep an eye on their Facebook group, where events are announced (including some livestreaming)

Virtual modcaf, tomorrow

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Details for ModCaf this week:
We kick off our live sessions with Forward 4 Wiz Trust This Thursday…8.00pm!