Mini SD to SD adapter

Hi everyone!

Does anyone have a mini SD to a full size SD card adapter?

Please note, definitely not a micro SD. I have a fairly rare thing that uses mini SD cards and I would like to get a file onto it; the adapters are quite hard to get, I have one on order but it’s going to take some time.


I don’t have an adaptor, but do have a USB card reader that claims a range of formats including a slot marked MiniSD.

I can bring it along tomorrow night if that would be helpful?

That would be amazing - not sure if I am definitely going to be along tonight yet (I am now in packing mode) but it would be great to borrow it if so!

It could always been left in a specific place/box in the space, to be returned to when done with, maybe?

Wonders if we could use a specific drop box in the space… ? :slight_smile:

Are you going to make it tonight @Jagmills?

If not I’ll probably just drop it off at the space tomorrow at some point.

Sorry should have let you know - not tonight I think, I’ve almost packed myself into my storage unit so will be here a little while longer :slight_smile:

I’d really appreciate you dropping it off anytime before Friday! Thanks very much.

I have a Gameboy Advance with a programmable flash cart which, weirdly, takes miniSD. My plan is to get some music-making ROMs on there and figure out a MIDI control device for it on Friday!

That’s okay. I was going to head over tonight, but I’m without MOT until tomorrow!

Odd it taking miniSD, I think mine takes a microSD. If I remember at some point I can dig out the homebrew space invaders game I wrote for the GBA and let you have a copy to play!

I’ve got an miniSD to SD adaptor knocking around you can have.

I’ve also got some acrylic I need lasering, so the odds of seeing me soon are fairly high!

How quickly would you like the adaptor (i.e. before Friday?)

Hi Chris,

I dropped the multi-card reader in your box at the space the other day, so it’s there when you need it.