Milk Bottle Tops!

Hi all,

Can I ask anyone willing to save any:

  • plastic milk bottle tops
  • plastic milk bottles
  • Shampoo bottles & caps

To kindly donate them to me!
I am planning to recycle these HDPE things for a variety of purposes :slight_smile: the more colours the better, really. Would appreciate any donations you can muster. Thanks a lot!

Will see what I can do (already collect them to take them in to LUSH for them to make into new things :wink: ) - can they be dropped in your box if you’re not at the space?

Always! I will probably should make some space in it first…
I have a few projects in mind - mostly pen turning and other lathey-type things.

Hi Chris,
I am happy to bring in HDPE for you.
Actually I have a truly enormous amount of brown and black offcuts from a project a few years back, a few hundred kg in fact. I can bring in a sample if you like. But in the meantime I’ll save our caps, and bottles if the colour is interesting.

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Thanks Russell! That’s very kind and I’d certainly be interested in seeing a sample. I’d really enjoy doing more turning this year, and the effect of combining several HDPE colours really does look fab.

Thats great Chris, I’m planning to come over to the space next week so I will leave you a bag with your name on so it doesn’t get thrown away.