Membership Badge Design

Hooray! The new membership badges are on their way. I’ve ordered quite a few, 4x our current active membership, so we will definitely have many to spare, and they will be here in time for the AGM.

We found that the bigger the tag the better, as the larger internal antenna means better range - for those that had the previous tiny stickers, they had such a small range that the reader didn’t detect them :frowning:

Anyway - the cards look like this:

Unfortunately they are made of PVC, so we can’t laser cut them. I’d like to ask the membership for any good ideas of how to decorate them in a nice way. Currently, we have the following ideas:

  • Laser cut acrylic case
  • Rectangular stickers
  • Laser cut stencil for spray paint/screen printing

If you’d like to get involved with designing the new membership badge, reply below or let me know in person when you see me. :slight_smile:

We could possibly find a sticker printer and label the cards that way. Definitely as easier method than laminating.

Didn’t @JulianWarren donate a sticker printer to the space a while back?

It was a Dymo label printer, but I can’t remember what size labels it could go up to, plus I’m not sure how long they’d stay put for.

Other options that spring to mind are:

  • Find a local business that does their own ID pass printing and smile really sweetly.
  • Try to find a cheap ID pass printer - perhaps one that needs fixing??
  • Use a toner transfer process to iron across a laser printed design.
  • Use Inkjet printable cards and find a suitable inkjet printer and card holding tray.

For most options I’d suggest a clear coat of varnish over the top to give it some defence against wear and tear.

Surrey uni and the students union do their own ID card printing. Would probably have to smile very very sweetly at them though.