Members Calendar

I would like to suggest a calendar for members to put down when they will be at the space or representing shm.

It seams the main we all go it to chat and collaborate. If a particular regular day suits you and would like it to be known so others may join, adding it to calendar may be a good method.
It may also help know who plans to be at each weeks open night.

It may be a good way for members set a night for a group /shared project or presentation.

Any opinions are welcome.


Morning Andrew :slight_smile:

This is a great idea, thank you for the suggestion. A cursory Google shows that one can make a Google Calendar publicly accessible. We already have a sort of events calendar on the website, but I definitely think this would fit more into a proper calendar.

Unless we can find a Wordpress plugin which handles something similar.

This makes me think that we could do with a calendar for the ‘Space’ to let people know when it’s being used for events, workshops, open sessions etc or closed for modificaations.