Martha Stewart’s Got Nothing On Me🎄

Uploading: 351AB5B3-5B64-4EF5-AA5A-FD0B6C0B6567.jpeg… Uploading: C5350BE8-5191-45C9-B739-5EFF7E376219.jpeg… Uploading: 48622757-91F1-4014-9A6C-1A34E950F6DA.jpeg… Uploading: AB7629AB-AB81-439E-9E20-F5FA10599583.jpeg… Completed Christmas tradition yesterday of making my own wreath despite COVID wreath class cancellations! Just took my £3 faux-eucalyptus hoop from Aldi (their faux wreaths were fugly) and added holly (ouch!) from a bus shelter en route to Woking, then blinged it up with some old & new ornaments along with the gubbins of wreaths from Christmases past, et bien, I’m very pleased with the result.
By Granthar’s hammer, what a savings!

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