Makerspace sort out day

Hey Makers,

We’ve been thinking about having a clean-up event at the makerspace over the Easter bank holiday weekend! It’s time to dust off those workbenches, organize our tools, and give our space the TLC it deserves.

Let’s streamline our space, We’ll sort through materials, tidy up storage areas, and label everything for easy access.

We also need to note any duplicates of tools, especially ones that don’t get used much. We are quite limited on space so anything that we really don’t need could do with getting rid of.

Any suggestions are welcome, as well as people voting for the date. This will be a big undertaking so any help would be appreciated, even if its for a couple hours. We were thinking the Saturday & Sunday as it will probably take more than a day.

We aim to put up some racking and streamline everything as at the moment it’s quite difficult to find things!

If you have any thoughts please let me know :slight_smile:


(We now have a Trello which we urge members to use, it helps us to stay organized and allow us to easily see any maintenance issues etc. the link is we would appreciate it if you could join and start using it!)

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